Tips to Properly Store A Wedding Dress

Published on 10/29/2021

Tips to Properly Store A Wedding Dress

Weddings are one of the biggest life events! It’s such a special day full of memories to cherish and hold onto. One aspect of this incredible day is the dress. Because it’s a part of a momentous occasion, many people opt to keep their wedding dress to hold onto for nostalgia, or to pass along to another family member down the road. If you’re curious how to properly store a wedding dress, keep reading. You can’t just hang it up and throw it in a closet. So here are a few tips to make sure it stays just as beautiful as ever. 

First Step: Get it professionally cleaned.

This is such an important first step. Because the dress inevitably got some stains on it throughout the wedding ceremony, pictures and reception, you’ll want to get it cleaned. This should be done professionally as many dresses have fragile fabric or other detailing that makes it difficult to handle. And this way, when you go to store it, stains won’t set in permanently. 

Pro tip: sometimes there are stains below the surface that are hard to detect so getting it professionally cleaned will help get even those tough ones out. 

Second Step: Store in the proper container.

You’ll want to store your dress in an acid- free container. This could be a box or a garment bag. You could also consider placing silica desiccant packets within the box to help with humidity control. Many cleaners will offer a professional preservation for the dress. So check in to see which places offer this to make it easier on you as well. 

Third Step: Store in the right location.

Make sure you keep your cleaned and preserved dress in a cool, dry environment. This could be a dark closet in your home, out of the way but still cool and dry. Or you could store it in your storage unit. Make sure the unit is climate controlled so humidity and heat don’t ruin the dress. 

Extra Pro Tip: store your bouquet. 

You might also want to store your bouquet along with the dress. First dry the bouquet by hanging it upside down in a safe area for several weeks or even months until it’s fully dried. Then store the bouquet in a bouquet preservation box and put it away with the dress. 

Storing these precious mementos safely will ensure they are preserved for years to come. And let us know how we can help you secure a storage unit for you and your family’s needs.