7-Step Checklist to Winterize Your Home in North Carolina

Published on 11/5/2021

7-Step Checklist to Winterize Your Home in North Carolina

As the days get chillier and the holiday season is fast approaching, there are some key steps to take to winterize your home. And getting to this a few weeks before the holidays are in full swing will be a relief. Tackle some or all of these projects one weekend to prep your home for winter. Here’s a checklist to get you started. 

1. Clean the gutters

You’ll definitely want to check the gutters. Clear out any debris or leaves from fall. Flush the gutters with water from a bucket or a garden hose. Install downspout extenders if needed to direct water flow away from the base of the house and the foundation. 

2. Insulate pipes

Go ahead and insulate pipes that are susceptible to freezing. And then watch for severe drops in temperature. If this happens, leave a small stream of water flowing from a faucet or two to ensure they don’t freeze and burst. 

3. Seal any cracks

Re-caulk any cracks around doors and windows to prevent drafts. You can also use weather stripping around these areas or around A/C units to prevent warm air from leaving and cold air from getting in. 

4. Maintain heating systems

Furnaces, fireplaces and chimneys should all be checked routinely at least once a year. It’s a good idea to do this step now before temperatures drop too far. Take care of your heating systems so that you don’t get stuck with a faulty furnace or fireplace on the coldest days. 

5. Check all detectors

This is a routine task that you should be doing monthly. But definitely check on these detectors as you winterize the rest of the home. Residential fires are more common in the cold months when we are using fireplaces, woodstoves and more. 

6. Tend to the trees

You’ll want to make sure you trim all trees in your yard and remove any dead branches before the snow arrives. Ice, snow and wind can all damage trees and cause branches to fall and damage your home, car or even you or your family. 

7. Stow the hose away

Winterize your garden hose and any outdoor spigots. Drain the hose and store it away. Drain, turn off and then insulate outdoor pipes to prevent freezing. 

Follow this 7-step guide to begin winterizing your home this year before the hectic holiday season and snowy months are upon us.