Smart Tips to Help you Move

Published on 9/3/2021

Smart Tips to Help you Move

Once you go through the process of finding and buying a home, you might feel a wave of relief. But then, inevitably, that gets replaced with the worries of moving day approaching. Moving can be a gauntlet of logistical and emotional stress. But with a little help and some great organization beforehand, you’ll be in better shape to tackle it. Here are some smart tips to keep in mind before moving day that’ll help your move go smoother and will help you settle in quicker. 

1. Set yourself up ahead of time

Life doesn’t just stop or even slow down while you’re in the process of moving. There are jobs to go to, kids to keep track of, and general daily life to tend to. That’s why we suggest setting yourself up as much as possible beforehand. While you wait for your closing to go through why not start preparing a list of utility companies you’ll need to call? Create a document with numbers to call to update about your move as well. Add banks, bills, medical offices, family members and subscription services. Then, as soon as you close and have a moving date, call utility companies to set up installation for move-in day. Call the internet/phone/cable company, gas, electric, water, and trash disposal. This way, you’ll be able to focus on unpacking and settling in quicker on move-in day. 

2. Pack wisely

This trick is a must: pack essential items last and place in the front of a moving truck to get out first. Pack all essential items you’ll need on move-in day so you don’t have to rummage through multiple boxes at 11pm to find a towel for that long awaited shower. Pack a coffee maker, clothes, a toothbrush, a shower curtain, linens and bedding. Get these items out first when you start unpacking so you’re set to fall into bed later on. 

You’ll also want pack by room as much as possible and label each box well. This will help streamline unpacking. You’ll know where things are and which boxes to get to first. 

3. Create the right atmosphere

 Put your speaker in the “unpack first” box so you’ll be ready with your favorite tunes while you lug boxes, unpack and organize. Order some pizza or other favorite take out to keep yourself going. Take breaks, too. Maybe set up your patio furniture first, so you can enjoy a lunch break out in your new yard. Or unwind at the end of the day with a family movie and dinner. And perhaps unpack a few treasured items the first day with the essentials just to make it feel a little more homey. Think favorite kids’ toys, a special memento or piece of artwork or even a favorite coffee mug. 

4. Ask friends to help out

Make it more of a group effort by enlisting the help of friends or family. Provide snacks, water and other beverages and maybe a meal or two. Make it more of a festive occasion while they help you move boxes around and set up your new home a bit. It also gives you a much-needed burst of fresh energy to have help from loved ones. They’ll also be less fried than you and have more energy of their own to go around. So get as many people together as possible and make a day of it! 

Let us know how we can assist you with any and all storage needs while you navigate your move! We’re here to help.