Organize Your Garage for Optimal Storage

Published on 5/5/2021
This spring and early summer in North Carolina, perhaps a great weekend project is to organize and declutter your garage. The garage can be an optimal storage space when kept tidy and organized. 

1. Sort

First step: sort. Try to organize by theme. Keep sporting goods together, cleaning supplies in their spot and car maintenance in another place. As you’re going through everything, go ahead and make two other piles: one is a goodwill pile and another is a storage unit pile. Things you need to keep but are bulky or just won’t fit can go in your Smithfield storage unit. Think sleds or Christmas décor. Items you haven’t used in a while (like that stroller from when your kids were small) could be donated or gifted to a friend or family member. 

2. Find a home for everything

Next, you’ll want to begin thinking smartly about the space you have to work with. Put seasonal sporting equipment like skis in the back or harder to reach areas and then keep car or household cleaning and maintenance supplies handy. 

Pack in clear bins when you’re able or label everything well for easy access. Use stackable, plastic bins to keep your belongings clean, dry, and safe and to optimize space. 

Utilize the wall surface area by hanging a pegboard or installing open shelving. You can hang tools, supplies, or even put lighter storage bins on these shelving systems. For larger or less used items, even consider a hoist pulley system or hooks or straps from the ceiling. The point is to get as much clutter off the floor and out of the way as possible.

Lastly, a pro tip: keep all gasoline or flammable items out of the garage, and lock other harmful substances such as fertilizer or pesticides in a cabinet out of reach of children or pets.