Make Your Move This Winter

Published on 1/21/2022

Make Your Move This Winter

It’s January, winter is officially in full swing, and we’re hunkered down for the next couple cold months. But what if you are thinking of moving early on this year? Perhaps you need a larger space. Or maybe you want to be closer to a job or family members. If you’re hoping to move soon and on the fence about it, the housing market signs are telling you to go for it. Let’s explore what’s happening in the market and why now is a good time to sell and move this winter. 

Inventory remains low

According to and their 2022 Forecast, 28% of homeowners who might want to sell are choosing not to because they’re worried about finding their next place. With so many still holding back, inventory remains low. It is predicted to pick up a bit here in 2022 though, so selling sooner rather than later will only work to your advantage. There will be less homes to compete with and you may get higher offers and more offers to choose from, speeding along your sale. 

Mortgage rates are projected to rise

Interest rates remain low currently, but they are projected to rise some this year according to that same 2022 Forecast from So, selling now and moving while rates are still on the lower end will help you lock in those rates for years to come. 

Your equity has already grown substantially

Even if you’ve only owned your home for a year or two, you’ve already grown your equity. This is due to home price appreciation over time. That equity that you’ve accumulated in your home could be enough to jumpstart your move. You can use your equity for a sizable chunk (if not all) of a down payment on your next home, making the move and transition more feasible. 

Home prices will continue to go up

The downside to home appreciation is that it is projected to continue over the next year. Homes for sale will go up in price. While this isn’t going to be astronomical by any means, the best time to buy is still right now before home prices go up anymore. 

Talk to a real estate professional today for more information on why selling now and moving up could make sense for you. And call us here at Smithfield storage with your storage needs while moving and beyond!