Bike Storage Ideas

Published on 1/14/2022

Bike Storage Ideas

Bicycles can become a bit of an irritation when trying to store them and keep your space organized. Because they’re oddly shaped with bits sticking out at various angles, it’s not always easy to keep them out of the way. And that’s true if you have a large garage available or only a small city apartment. But here are a few ideas for how to best store your bike whatever storage options you have available to you. 

1. Go vertical

This tip can be applied to a large garage space, a studio apartment or anything in-between. If you want bikes off the ground and out from underfoot, think vertical. Hang a bike on the wall with a wall mount in your apartment to avoid keeping it outside. Storing a bike outdoors poses a greater security threat and leaves your bike exposed to damaging weather. And if you have a garage but park your vehicles there or use it for other storage, mount bikes on a wall in your garage to save floor space. 

There are a couple different kinds of vertical bike storage. You could go with a stand that is free standing but still lifts the bike up off the ground. Or you could go with a wall mount that attaches directly to the wall. 

2. Utilize the ceiling

If you have a garage, utilize the ceiling! You can install a pulley system to hang bikes from the ceiling. If your garage has rafters, use those to secure the bikes. If not, investigate installing simple, sturdy, rubber hooks into the ceiling to hang the bikes from. Whatever system you end up using to hoist these bikes up and overhead, you will clear valuable floor square footage for other storage needs. And, during the colder months, you might not be using your bikes as frequently. This is the perfect time, then, to get these bikes out of the way while not in use. 

3. Keep things in place

What if you and your family use your bikes regularly? Or what if you have trouble lifting your bike to a wall or ceiling? If you find yourself asking one or both questions, the ceiling or even the wall might not be the best option for you. You might opt for a floor bike rack. This would help keep your bike upright and out of the way but make it easily accessible to get out each day. If you have a large family who all have bikes, this is a great tool. Simply line them up in the floor rack to keep them from falling on top of one another or landing in a heap in the driveway. Each family member then has easy access to their own bike at any time. It still frees up space in the garage since they won’t be haphazardly lying around. 

4. Don’t forget your storage unit

Lastly, if you live in a colder area where you really aren’t using your bikes for the winter, store them away and out of sight in your storage unit. Use a free-standing rack, hoist them to the walls or ceiling in your unit or use your floor rack. But taking advantage of your storage unit for these bulky items when not in use will free up so much space in your home and garage. 

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