Capitalize on Today’s Seller’s Market

Published on 1/28/2022

Capitalize on Today’s Seller’s Market

Are you debating selling now or waiting until later this year? The signs are indicating that selling now is your best bet. Here are a few reasons why selling sooner rather than later will benefit you. 

1. Supply remains low

Sellers are still hesitating on listing. Perhaps because of the ongoing pandemic. Or it could be that it’s winter and the housing market tends to slump a bit in the colder months. Whatever the reason, more homeowners are staying put, causing the supply of homes for sale on the market to be much lower than the demand from buyers. 

2. Demand remains high

There are many eager buyers out there currently hoping to find their next (or first) home. The number of buyers hasn’t dwindled. This could be as the pandemic is causing people to examine their home situation. Many buyers are wanting to move out of cities into suburbs as working from home is becoming more and more common. Or they’re interested in moving closer to family members or perhaps upgrading to a larger space to accommodate the remote working and school schedules of late. But buyers are still out in force to try to find their next home! 

3. Sellers continue to have the upper hand

Because of this combination of low supply and high demand, sellers are in the prime spot for leverage. If you list now, you will have more of the power in a negotiation. Most likely, there will be multiple buyers interested and potentially even multiple offers to choose from. This could help you as you’ll be able to be a bit choosier in which offer you accept. Buyers might also pull out all the stops to try to get your home. Meaning they could have a flexible closing date or waive the home inspection. Any number of things that could work to your advantage! 

If you’re considering selling, don’t wait and list now. Talk to your trusted real estate agent for more information and keep us in mind for your storage needs with your upcoming move!