How to Choose a Home with Your Pet in Mind

Published on 1/7/2022

How to Choose a Home with Your Pet in Mind

When we begin the process of looking for a new home, we consider many factors. Top of our lists is our family members and people who will be living with us. We consider their comfort, needs and overall wellbeing. It shouldn’t be any different when moving with a pet! Pets are part of our families as well and if we choose to welcome a pet into our home, we take responsibility for their wellbeing and comfort as well. So here are a few insights into how to choose a new home with your pet in mind. 

First: space

Of course, if you have a dog, you’ll want to think first and foremost about space. Consider what outdoor space the home has in its backyard. If you have a breed that loves to run, you want to ensure your yard is large enough for them to get their energy out. If the yard isn’t quite big enough for full-fledged running, are there dog parks within walking distance or a park where you could let your dog off leash? 

If you have a smaller dog, a smaller yard might suffice. Just ensure that whatever system you work out, your pup is getting ample exercise, fresh air and play time. 

While considering space, you also want to think about indoor square footage. Is the home large enough for all humans along with your pet(s)? Think about spaces for pets to sleep and lounge as well as move around a bit if you’re gone for a long day at work. 

Second: safety

Next, consider the safety of your pet. If the home you’re looking at has a yard, notice if it’s fenced in or if it would be within your budget to install a fence once you move in. You also want to assess how quiet or busy the street is that the house is on. Is it a high-traffic street with cars racing past? Just be aware of that when moving with pets as it can be more dangerous if your dog gets out of the yard or off leash by mistake. And of course, if you have indoor/outdoor cats, a busy street can be highly dangerous for them as well. Take it into account while you search.

Third: comfort

Lastly (but certainly not least) is the comfort and happiness of your pet(s). Of course, space and safety go into their comfort and happiness. But what other amenities or aspects do you want to look for in a home with a pet in mind? Well for one: the floors! Carpet can be a nightmare with pets. Hardwood or another durable surface is great for when pets bring the outdoors in with them. It makes it easier to clean up messes and reduces odors. Also keep in mind where your animals will sleep and play while indoors. Make sure dogs have beds that you can clean easily or some favorite toys around that are safe and don’t pose any hazards if you’re gone a while. For cats, ensure there’s plenty of scratching posts so they don’t go for your furniture. Make sure there’s enough litter boxes in accessible spots if you have more than one cat. 

Finding a new home is such an exciting time. But you want to make sure you keep your fur babies in mind as well while you’re searching!