Tips for Decluttering Your Car

Published on 5/20/2022

Tips for Decluttering Your Car

Most people spend a lot of time in their car, which can be pretty messy. There are different ways to declutter, either just removing the mess in the front and complete-blown cleaning of the backseat, trunk, or rear cargo. These places can be really challenging.

Now summer is kicking in, this is the perfect opportunity to clean and declutter your car. Here are some tips you would need.

  1. Remove the Trash

When we get a new car, we would treat it as a baby and won’t let a single crumb or trash on it. But as time passes, we sometimes forget to bring the trash outside and into the trash bin.

The first to let our cars breathe is to remove the trash inside. Bring a garbage bag with you, and check under your seats, in between, and your trunk. Make sure you get all the junk out of the trunk.

  1. Take Everything Out

Not everything inside your car would be trash; some of them are things you forget to bring with you and put back in the correct place. Some of the items in your car would be extra gloves, pair of shoes, or just a plain shirt. It is time to place them where they rightfully belong.

Determine the items that would stay inside your cars and arrange them to where they should be stored.

  1. Clean Everywhere

Now all the clutter has been removed, you can start cleaning the entire thing. You can begin by wiping down everything with a household cleaner.

Check the car's crevices and the cup holders for spills and dirt. You should also wipe down your window, and you’ll be shocked. If you have rubber mats, take them out and shake them off to remove the dirt, and use a brush to brush off the dust and dirt.

  1. Find Items that Prevent Future Mess

There are tons of products that can help you avoid other clutter. You can look up your local Target or on Amazon. If you have tons of trash inside your car, you can get a tiny garbage bin at the back of the seat.

If you have organization problems, you can get a hanging seat organizer to place what you need in the car.

There will help you get your car sparkling. If you need a space to store the things you currently aren’t using, you can contact us today, and we will help you get the right size storage unit.