How to Assist a Hoarder in Decluttering

Published on 5/27/2022

How to Assist a Hoarder in Decluttering

People with hoarding problems save stuff that others may consider useless. Their inability to let go of goods often results in clutter that makes it difficult to use living or working areas. Even the prospect of having to abandon something causes them great grief.

However, because hoarding is a complicated issue, you'll need to take it slowly while trying to persuade your friend or family to clean their home or living space. Spend quality time with them by slowly but steadily helping them clean and arrange their space.

There are numerous decluttering tips available online. Don't know which ones are effective? Begin with a simple plan of action that you and your loved one can both follow through on:

  1. Start right now!

Now is the greatest moment to begin.

Do not postpone what you can do now till tomorrow. The messier the process becomes as the hoard grows larger — but it'll be messy nonetheless. What matters is that you can immediately encourage your loved one to simplify their home or area.

  1. Stop adding to the mess.

Although it may be challenging, you must assist your friend in not adding to the clutter. There should be no further purchases because continuing to buy goods you don't need will make decluttering a waste of time.

  1. Separate the Tasks

There is a lot of anxiety associated with decluttering. When you've been hoarding for a long time, sifting through all of your belongings can be frustrating and daunting.

Your companion is not required to complete everything at once. Begin by breaking down your to-do list into little, achievable chores that you can complete one at a time. You can even decide who is responsible for particular task and which ones you should complete together. For example, removing massive monuments and sofas with their insides exposed.

  1. Remove the Obvious Garbage

Items that are torn or damaged should be thrown away.

Hoarders have a hard time deciding which of their heaps of unneeded stuff to preserve, but that's why you're there: to point out which ones should be thrown away.

Carry a trash bag and begin gathering wrappers, empty bottles, and withered leaves from the debris. Set aside a separate bag for recyclable rubbish. If a dead animal is discovered beneath the pile, wear masks, gloves, and other protective gear.

Although this isn't a thorough cleanup, you now have a smaller portion of the hoard to deal with.

  1. Decide on a decluttering strategy

Once all of the rubbish has been thrown out, your acquaintance will be able to realize how much clutter they actually have. Having a decluttering plan and agreeing on it explains what you need to accomplish and how you should do it. Knowing this reduces the anxiety that hoarders often experience when deciding which objects to discard.

The hoarder will come upon goods that they simply cannot part with. Decide whether they get to retain it and where they keep it by being the voice of reason. While you can offer advice, keep in mind that the hoarder should make the final decision.

  1. Continue to Work Your Way Down

Without the clutter, even small places feel more spacious.

Begin with the most complex and work your way down. You will feel a sense of success and be driven to keep going forward once you see the outcomes of each activity. There is no set beginning point for decluttering because it is a personal experience. It is up to the hoarder to decide which region to tackle first.

However, starting with the room with the greatest clutter is not recommended because it will exhaust you faster. You can schedule yourself and declutter in small spurts to make it feel less daunting and to allow your brain to focus on completing this one activity in a specific amount of time.

  1. Make it enjoyable

Decluttering takes effort. It can be exhausting. Play music while you tidy to make it more enjoyable. After completing a list item, treat yourself with food or a little movie break.

Everyone's definition of "fun" is different, so be creative. Solicit feedback from your pal to make decluttering time more fun.

Decluttering saves you so much room to store other valuable items. Let us help you with the storage of your stuff, contact us today to know what unit size is perfect for you!