7 Places in Your Kitchen that Need Organization

Published on 5/13/2022

7 Places in Your Kitchen that Need Organization

Having an organized space makes our minds at peace. And what better way to start than the place we often use, the kitchen! Here are some tips to help you get organized for your kitchen space.

  1. Start with your spices.

If you have a messy spice cabinet, it’s time to get them organized. Start by removing the spices from the cabinet and wiping down the area. Use a spice rack in a cupboard to better organize your spices. To take it a step further, transfer the spices to a clear jar and put a clear label on it. 

You can also arrange this alphabetically, so you’d know where things are, and it’s much more aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Stack your Pots and Pans Neatly

One of the reasons why the kitchen is disorganized is the unused pots and pans. To solve that problem, have an expandable pan organizer. This will help you store them much better. And if you are misplacing the lids, place them upside down and stack your pots from largest to smallest.

  1. Remove empty spaces in your silverware drawer.

Your silverware drawer can become easily unorganized. To solve that, you can measure your silverware and place them in bins to remove that unwanted gap or space. This also prevents items from being misplaced and further cluttered.

  1. Use Storage Bins for Your Pantry

Depending on how large your pantry is, take one shelf at a time when cleaning and organizing it. Make sure that items from the pantry are not expired. Once everything is checked, it’s best to use airtight food storage containers to store your rice, beans, pasta, flour, and sugar. And label each container for easier find and a much more excellent way to organize them.

  1. Clean your Refrigerator

Our refrigerator would often be a mess. Remove everything and wipe down the entire refrigerator. To better organize, use organizational storage containers, then arrange them by types of food like dairy, vegetables, snacks, dips, and sauces. Every time you do the grocery shopping, clean and organize the items based on the storage containers.

  1. Utilize the space under the kitchen sink

The best place to store your cleaning supplies is under the sink. It is also a great way to keep your messy garbage bags. You can attach a paper towel holder and place the garbage bags for easy access and better organization.

These tips can help turn your messy kitchen into an aesthetic and Pinterest-worthy kitchen. For your organization and storage needs, contact us today!