Strange Moving Tips That Actually Work

Published on 10/9/2020

Packing can be a daunting task. There are so many moving pieces (pun intended) to work around. There’s the box size, packing method, how to label, and so much more! In order to make your move go smoothly, here’s a few strange tips that are actually helpful:

Use an egg carton for earrings

This provides the perfect space to put each pair of earrings into one of the twelve spots so as to keep the jewelry from getting tangled. To ensure the earrings stay put while the carton is moving around, consider placing cotton balls on top of each pair to fill the extra space.

Place necklaces inside of a straw

Threading necklaces or bracelets through a straw significantly helps to keep each piece from getting entwined into other pieces. Even better, to save space, put those straws inside of the egg carton to keep all your jewelry together!

Pack plates sideways

When going through your kitchen, prep your plates by wrapping them in bubble wrap. Then, place them inside of a box sideways instead of stacking them on top of one another. This helps the plates transfer with less prospect of breaking. 

Use tissue paper to avoid wrinkles

When packing clothes, it’s become more well-known to roll clothing rather than folding it as an effort to save space. If you’d like to go a step further, place tissue paper inside your clothes to help mitigate the wrinkles. 

Leave clothing on hangers

If you’re in a pinch to save time, just leave your clothes on their hangers and then place a plastic bag over! This will significantly save you time when packing and unpacking.  

What other obscure packing tips do you use when moving?