Keeping Photo Albums in Storage Units

Published on 10/18/2020

One of the many items one may choose to keep in storage are personal photo albums. This keeps the albums from getting squished in the attic or old photos from getting crumpled in the office. Ready to know the best way to preserve your photo albums? Here’s 5 steps to follow.

Organize Photos

Rather than just putting photos into an album with the hopes to label them later, do the work first. Who knows how long those photos will be in storage! It’s better to label all the photos initially, while all the precious memories are fresh in your mind, and group photos either chronologically or via special events. 

Use Bubble Wrap and Cardboard

Over time, photographs will start to stick together or frames will damage one another under pressure inside a box. To preserve, first wrap any albums or frames in bubble wrap to add cushion. For stacks of photos which have not yet been placed inside of an album or frame, separate photos via cardboard or large, thick paper. This will keep photos from sticking together and rubbing off on one another. 

Stack Photos

Some may suggest to line albums or picture frames sideways inside of a storage box; however, it is best to stack these items on top of each other. Setting photos on their side can cause them to bend or warp over time, and if the whole process is to preserve them to keep them good as new, make sure to stack them on top of one another.

Don’t Overfill Boxes

When stacking objects on top of each other, the bottom items bear the most weight. If this is a picture frame, it’s possible glass will crack under pressure. Keep boxes storing your photos relatively light to  minimize the damage done within the box and even lessen the possibility of dropping the box due to heaviness. 

Choose the Right Location

Within your storage unit, these boxes should not go on the tippy top of other boxes (as it could be disastrous to get them down) nor should they be the bottom box with a tower on top. Consider storing these boxes on medium high stacks, specifically upon something sturdy like a table or bookshelf. 

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