It’s Time to Check Inside Your Storage Unit

Published on 10/2/2020

Back to school season is a great time to reassess what you have in your storage unit. If you haven’t looked inside since you packed everything in there a year (or years) ago, now is a great opportunity to check what may be forgotten in there.

Many people choose to store their holiday items inside of storage units in order to free up space within their home. This is a great idea! However, before you make that timely Target run to grab more decor, take a peek inside your unit to see what goodies you may have forgotten about. 

This includes, but is not limited to, Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations (it’s never too early, right?), and cold weather clothing! It’s better to bring back out your sweaters and heavy jackets before the temps drop and your freezing. What’s more, is this gives you an opportunity to wash all your clothing before. Nothing like a fresh warm sweater! Additionally, pack away those summer toys. While we might not be hitting temperatures in the 60s/70s every day, chances are slim that you’ll want to go back into your pop up pool this year. 

If you haven’t checked your storage unit in a few years, make sure to bring a mask to offset the dust you may encounter. Don’t forget about the cobwebs either! 

What was the best treasure you found in your storage unit this season?