How to Have a Great Yard Sale

Published on 10/31/2020

Before moving items into your storage unit, you may want to consider hosting a garage / yard sale. This is a perfect opportunity to lessen the amount of items you’ll need to move into your unit while making a few extra bucks! Try these tips for a successful sale:

Label Everything

These sales can get hectic quick! To help organize, label items with prices ahead of time. This gives people an idea of what each item is worth for negotiating power or so that you can eliminate the negotiating altogether with set prices.

Know What is for Sale

It’s common for people to wander at garage sales and may even find something that you’re not selling (like that new bike inside your garage). In order to make sure you’re advertising only the items that are actually for sale, cover up other things or post signs for people who are coming to search.

Do a Group Sale

In order to draw in a larger crowd, organize a group sale with your neighbors! More people hosting also helps spread the word for advertising your sale.

Have a Post-Sale Plan

If you’re left with items you still don’t want to carry over into your storage unit, consider donating the items to charity. 

Try these tips above for a successful sale!