Published on 6/2/2022


Self-storage units have given many people a convenient way to store their surplus belongings without having to get rid of them. There are also other advantages to using the service, such as less clutter in your home and more living space. 

However, there are a lot of misunderstandings about storage units floating around out there. Many of these myths are spread by people who may have preconceived opinions about renting a car, despite the fact that they have probably never tried it. People who had a bad experience with the service can potentially spread false information.

Take a look at these typical self-storage myths and the facts before you believe anything they say:

  1. Self-storage is not burglar proof

This is a widespread misunderstanding promoted by doubters who believe there are no secure self-storage spaces available and that your stuff will most likely be stolen.

Self-storage facilities are actually safer than you might imagine. These facilities are completely equipped with the newest anti-theft equipment because some tenants store incredibly precious things like antiques and crucial documents.

  1. Anything can be kept in a storage unit

The idea that you can put anything in a storage unit has been popularized by Hollywood films and media. This is not the case, however. Although you can store a wide variety of items in a storage unit, there are some items that you cannot and should never store. For further information, consult the storage recommendations.

  1. Self-storage units are only used by hoarders

Reality television series starring hoarders and storage buyers have exaggerated the myth's popularity. True, some storage units are used by real-life hoarders to store excess belongings that won't fit in their homes, but that doesn't rule out the typical individual.

Others use storage units for storing decorations for seasonal holidays like Christmas, keeping household or office items temporarily while moving to a new location, storing furniture and equipment while the house, office, or building is undergoing renovations, etc.

  1. Only storage space is provided by self-storage facilities

This is another prevalent misunderstanding that oversimplifies the self-storage industry's nature. In fact, this frequently persuades some consumers to forego the service entirely and instead rely on more traditional techniques, such as keeping stuff in their basement or attic.

While providing storage space is their primary service, they also provide other services to help residents get the most out of their experience.

  1. Self-storage is Expensive!

Many people feel that hiring a storage facility is a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Reality TV shows occasionally show precious antiques, paintings, and automobiles being housed in storage containers, supporting the misconception.

Self-storage is for everyone, regardless of financial means or social standing. Even in the long run, units do not have to be prohibitively expensive. For those on a tight budget, there are economical storage locker solutions.

  1. People can live and sleep in a storage unit

This is one of the more strange urban legends. The answer, though, is an emphatic "no." Self-storage units are not suitable for living or sleeping in.

A storage unit is designed to store products while preventing outside elements such as dust, filth, water, and sunshine from harming the contents. This indicates that the room has no windows and is entirely sealed. It is not a suitable or secure living environment.

  1. Storage units are dirty and disgusting

This is just another urban legend propagated by Hollywood films and other forms of media. Self-storage units are represented as dusty, filthy, and cobweb-filled in those films. Occasionally, rats can be seen within.

Thankfully, this is nothing more than a complete fabrication. Pests and dust are kept at bay in dependable storage facilities. They take precautions to protect your belongings from the outdoors and any damage.

Self-storage units are among the numerous victims of widespread misinformation. When you need extra space for a range of products, self-storage is a simple, effective, and economical option.