Handwritten Notes: Clutter or Collectibles?

Published on 2/14/2021

While the digital age has changed how often one writes a handwritten note, the art of printed cards has not been lost forever. Many keep stacks of birthday cards, thank you notes, well wishes, and more. But what should you do with them? Is it time to throw them away? Here’s 3 ways to store or repurpose your handwritten notes:


In an effort to not have your cards clutter your desk drawers, scan and upload your cards into digital albums! A bonus of this method of storage is that it makes the cards easily accessible for sharing with others.


Frame a few, create a scrapbook, make a collage, the possibilities are endless. Categorize cards by season and pull them back out to display when each season comes along. A fun example of this would be to bring out past birthday cards to display each year during the month of your birthday. 


Have you ever received a card with such a sweet or funny photo on the front you wish you could use it as a photo? Well, you can! Cut out the front picture (or part of the message inside, whichever part of the card you choose to save) and use it as a gift tag or turn it into a magnet for the fridge. 


If you have extra greeting or seasonal cards that you won’t be able to use, donate them. Consider giving to a nursing home or a school for arts and crafts. 

However, if you choose to keep all handwritten notes in their original conditions, make sure to place them in a cool, dry box where they will be preserved for years to come. Need a place to store those boxes? We can help. Contact us today!