How to Share a Closet with Your Significant Other

Published on 1/31/2021

Congratulations on tying the knot, newlyweds! Now you’re in for a treat as you navigate moving in together and finding a place for both of your belongings. One of the areas it’s important to share equally is closet space. Read on for the best tips for a happy marriage:

Talk Before Moving Items

A good general rule of thumb is to never assume anything...this also applies to closet space! Don’t assume you’ll take the right side or the left side. Keep options open and talk with your significant other prior to claiming closet space.

Be Realistic of How Much You Have

Does absolutely everything need to be hung up in the closet? Do you have a dresser that can hold some items? Figure out what needs to go where and how much space you have to work with so that you’re able to adequately split the space for storage or clothes.

Utilize Extra Bedrooms

If you have a spare bedroom, maximize your closet space by using that one too. Maybe one person claims that closet as their own or maybe that is where the clothes go for the next season. Either way, it amplifies your storage space and helps reduce clutter in your master closet.

Unworn Clothes Pile vs Dirty Laundry

It’s a good idea to designate a spot for a laundry basket to hold dirty clothes prior to even moving everything in. This way you have a spot for everything! If you’re in the habit of trying multiple outfits on before deciding on one, make sure to designate a spot for all your try-ons as well. They don’t need to be put in the dirty laundry pile, but your partner might do that if he/she walks into a closet full of clothes on the floor. Having a plan ahead of time will save your clothes and maybe even your marriage. 

If you're not ready to move all your items out of storage just yet, we've got you covered! Smithfield's will alway have room for you, even if your master closet doesn't.