7 Budget-Friedly Staycation Ideas for Your Family

Published on 5/6/2022

The summer season is kicking in and everyone has their own plans and destination they would like to go to. And home is the last place you would like to spend your vacation.

But having to stay at home doesn’t have to be boring, here are some budget-friendly staycation ideas you and your kids would love.

  1. Go camping in your backyard

It’s time to get those camping chairs, marshmallows, and sleeping bags, cause it’s time to go camping.

You can make a little bonfire at home while you roast some marshmallows, tell scary stories, do camping activities, or spot some constellations. Do all those camping activities that you would do in your own backyard.

  1. Put your chef’s hat on

It’s time to put your chef skills to the test by doing a “Mini Top Chef Competition” You can have everyone work in teams and introduce mystery ingredients.

But if you are not feeling the whole competition idea, you can just go to your farmers market or grocery store to get ingredients to make something out of it.

  1. Family Carnivals

Create your own carnival by setting up food stalls like funnel cakes, corn dogs, French fries, and cotton candy.

And mini-games like ring toss, corn hole, balloon darts, bowling, a fishing hole, and more. And you can end the day by having an outdoor movie night with popcorn and drinks.

  1. Make a Fort

Get all the empty cardboard boxes inside your home and grab some blankets and pillows to build the ultimate cardboard playhouse. You and your kids can create tunnels with the boxes and rooms with blankets and chairs. Play castle or just snuggle up in your cozy den and watch a movie — don’t forget the popcorn.

And if the little ones are planning to sleep inside the fort, you can add some fairy lights to it.

  1. Cool down with Water Games

Make your backyard a mini water park and beat the heat. Bust out those sprinklers, inflatable pool, and hose to have a blast. You can also rage a water war with water balloons or a water gun. This will also bring I’m out the kid in you.

  1. Do arts and Crafts

Be your own Picasso with arts and crafts. A great way to extract those creative juices and keep everyone entertained. You can Tie-dye some plain T-shirts, create your own modeling clay using flour and salt, make beaded bracelets, or try your hand at loom weaving.

  1. Have a Treasure Hunt

What is more, fun than a pirate treasure hunt? Nothing! It is an absolute delight for everyone to cooperate and find the missing treasure.

You can leave clues everywhere like riddles, rhymes, or maybe a piece of the next clue. And at the end of it, have a really cool prize waiting like maybe a pot of gold chocolate coins, freshly baked cookies or brownies, or a lost loot.

A vacation doesn’t have to be expensive to have fun and make some memorable memories. You only need a little imagination!