5 Questions to Ask a Moving Company

Published on 7/16/2021

5 Questions to Ask a Moving Company

So you’re getting ready for a move? What an exciting time! Ahead of you is the exciting fresh start of being in a new home. But there is also a laundry list of to-do’s and a whole lot of moving parts: literally and figuratively. One such moving part is which moving company to choose. Here’s a short list to get you started with some thoughts to narrow it down. 

1.  Do they do in person estimates?

You really do want an in-person estimate if possible. There’s a lot a mover can estimate over the phone or virtually, but not everything. It’s less likely you’ll run into snags with something being over budget or an item of furniture being bigger than it looked. Best to have them come and physically see what they’re moving. It’ll give everyone a more realistic idea of what to expect on moving day. 

2. What kind of coverage do they offer?

It’s a good idea to investigate what kind of insurance coverage the movers offer. You may want basic coverage, which is typically when the movers will cover a certain percentage of any lost or damaged property. Or you may want a higher coverage option at a higher cost to you. So if that’s something you’re looking for, make sure to ask right away if they offer that. If not, you can always get it from a third party as well. 

3. Do they reassemble furniture or do you?

Ask ahead if the moving company will disassemble and then reassemble larger pieces of furniture. Sometimes, things like beds or couches need to be taken apart to fit through small doorframes or up and down stairs. Make sure you know before moving day if you will need to recruit some friends into coming over to help with furniture assembly or if the movers will be good to tackle it. 

4. What happens if you pack some of your own belongings?

Some moving companies have certain stipulations regarding how you can pack your own belongings beforehand. It might save some cash to do a bit ahead, but best to ask about any requirements. They might only allow certain packing materials or specific kinds of boxes.

5. What are the total costs estimated?

Hiring movers can really help your peace of mind and overall stress level. But it is also a bit of a cost, especially when moving across the country. So better to know up front what you need to budget for. No need to have any surprises on moving day. 

And let us know if there’s any storage needs you may have with your move! We are always here to help.