4 Secrets to Sell Your Home For Max Profit

Published on 7/9/2021

4 Secrets to Sell Your Home For Max Profit

Whether you’ve bought or sold a home before, there is no better time than the present to sell. It is definitely a seller’s market with high buyer demand and low inventory. Not to mention the low interest rates driving buyers to the market. All this is good news for you if you’re thinking of selling this summer. But it never hurts to consider all the options that not only help sell your home but help you sell it for top dollar.

1. Make the most of first impressions.

One way to instantly wow potential buyers is by paying special attention to the first impression. Does your mailbox need replacing? What about the house numbers? Are they dim and chipping? Doctoring up the front entrance to the property will help create a sparkling first impression. Perhaps get new hardware and doorknobs. Or paint the front door a fresh color. Put up a seasonal wreath or some planters on the steps or walkway. All this contributes to a great first impression.

2. Stage to sell.

If your house is in disarray because you’re getting ready to sell, or perhaps you have kids and it’s always a bit cluttered with toys, no worries. But it will be important before showings to tidy up and stage the home. You want buyers to walk in and see the potential of your home to be their next home. So depersonalize, hide the toys, and stage with furniture if necessary. Make sure your home looks inviting and spacious from top to bottom.

3. Consider reglazing a dated bathroom.

Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the top selling points for buyers. They look at how modern and updated these rooms are. If a bathroom has pink walls or is severely dated or dirty, it could be a huge turn off for buyers. But a way to fix this without breaking your bank account is to reglaze the bathroom. It will freshen the whole room and make the space feel refreshed and modern. 

4. Price competitively.

Even though it’s a seller’s market, you don’t want to list your home too high. This could have the opposite effect and drive buyers away from the start. If this happens, your property could sit for too long and thus make it harder to entice buyers. So, talk to your trusted real estate expert and price the home fairly and competitively, keeping in mind current market trends and comparable properties in the area. This way, you’ll attract more interested parties, and could even still sell above asking price if there’s enough competition.

Take this short guide to get started on a plan to sell your home this summer