How to Create an Intentional Home Office

Published on 7/23/2021

How to Create an Intentional Home Office

So many of us find ourselves working from home these days whether it be zoom calls, work emails or the other tasks on our daily lists. Why not maximize your at home productivity by creating an awesome home office? Even if you don’t have a whole spare room to set up, there are ways to get creative with a nook or wall sectioned off as your designated office. The major point is to be intentional so that this space is clean of other household clutter, has all your work items handy, and offers at least a bit of respite and quiet so you know this is where you get work done. 

Step 1: The desk

Find a desk that works for you and your needs. Do you prefer standing or sitting to work (or a bit of both)? Do you have the space for a desk with drawers or storage built in? Great. But if not, and you’re working with a small area, think creatively. You could use a shelf attached to the wall for a slim desk in a hallway or narrow space. You could invest in a desk on wheels so that it can be multifunctional or be used in multiple rooms of your home. You really just need a sturdy, flat surface with enough space for your computer, monitor or whatever work supplies you use.

Step 2: The chair

If you work sitting down, it’s a good idea to invest in a solid, ergonomic chair to support your back and help keep your spine healthy. It’s hard on the body to sit all day so make it the best possible situation for you. You’ll also be more productive if you’re comfortable. If you prefer to stand while working, don’t forget a good cushy mat under your feet to help with support. 

Step 3: The storage

You may have space for a desk with lots of drawers and cubbies to store files, books and other work supplies. However, if you have a small writing desk or a drop down shelf as a desk, don’t worry. There are other solutions to help with storage needs. One way is to think vertically. Install shelves above your desk. You could go with open shelves, a pegboard, or even a combination the two. The main thing is to tailor it to your space and your needs. If you have room next to the desk, you could use a small bookshelf with a bin for each person who uses the space. This will help cut down on clutter and lost items. 

Repurpose bins, coffee mugs, or tins you already have at home for your supplies. Wrap cups or tins in colorful paper or decorate with yarn for a fun, fresh look. Place your pencils and pens, paper clips, scissors etc. in these so that everything has its own place. 

Step 4: The ambiance

If you want to improve productivity and focus while working from home, you’ll want to be intentional about your space. Perhaps decorate above your desk with inspiring artwork. Or if you need to settle in and relax more, light a scented candle or turn on some soothing music in the room. Make sure you have the proper lighting for your work needs to help keep you awake, alert as well as protecting your eyes. Perhaps add in a couple natural elements like a plant or jar of seashells to help bring some freshness into the space. 

It can be challenging to sit indoors all day to work, so make your space work for you using these tips. Let us know other tips that work for you in your home office!