4 Vintage Design Trends for Your Dining Room

Published on 8/20/2021

4 Vintage Design Trends for Your Dining Room

As summer is starting to slowly draw to a close, you might feel the need to spruce up some part of your home. Perhaps you’re already dreaming about sweater weather or other perks of the fall season that’s around the corner. The heat this year has certainly been a very present force. One nice place to start to change your décor this turn of season is in the dining room. Perhaps you’re ready to host a small gathering of friends or family. With fall approaching, there will also just be a lot more time spent indoors. So why not take one of these fun design ideas and run with it and make it your own? 

1. Vintage farm stand sign

This is a cute way to add a rustic touch. It adds flare without needing you to totally redo the entire room. You can pick one up in stores or online. Hang it above a bar, hutch or coffee station for extra effect and visible prominence.

2. Distressed furniture

Another way to add character and a little rustic flare is through distressed furniture. And this isn’t as costly or difficult as the finish product may lead you to believe. It lends a sense of history, of the past and of old timey comfort. You can easily pick up a gorgeous old hutch, table, or bar from a flea market or second hand store and then use whitewash wood stain to achieve this distressed look.

3. Antique dishware

This is a fun and very cost effective idea. Pick up some vintage plates from an antique store, garage sale or flea market. Arrange them and hang them on your dining room wall. This calls back to a time before and adds charm and character to an otherwise boring wall. And it won’t break your bank like expensive art purchases might. 

Another option is to use vintage or antique pitchers, vases and other glassware around the room as décor and yet also functional pieces of your space. Put flowers in the vases or pitchers. Create a drink station on top of your bar with antique tumblers and an old decanter. Hang a shelf in a window and put old glass jars or bottles of different colors on it and watch the light come through. 

4. Unique wallpaper

The final way to add a vintage feel to your dining room space is through wallpaper. This works best if you go all in and really commit to using the paper throughout the whole room. Many would have assumed the time of wallpaper was over but quite the contrary. Used the right way, it can add history, charm and even warmth to a space. It makes it more interesting to the eye. Use colors and patterns that speak to you as well as the overall design aesthetic of the room and watch it all come together! 

Have fun this weekend and try out one of these vintage design ideas to bring new life to an otherwise drab or boring dining room!