Tips on moving with pets

Published on 4/15/2022

Tips on moving with pets

Moving day has come, and it's not exactly a walk in the park with pets around. Whatever pet you have, each animal has their own challenges. Though they are challenging to deal with while moving, they are also a little overwhelmed, so be easy.


If you're looking for ways to make the process easier on your pets (and you), you're in the right place. Here are smart tips to prepare you for the big moving day.


1. Scope out the neighborhood


Before committing to a new home, check out the entire area to look for any aggressive dogs or pets that may wander around the neighborhood. You want to make sure that your pet would also love them as much as you do. Do also consider the space that your pets might need.


2. Call the Vet


Before moving, you'll need to make sure your pets are good to go. Ask for the records and prescription medications from your vet. They can have recommendations when you are moving.


3. Help your pets be accustomed to their crate


Some of your pets are already comfortable in their crate, but you may have some work to do if your pets are not. Have them be comfortable with crate training and show them that it is not a form of punishment. You can start feeding them in their crate and take them on short drives to get used to it.


4. Have them help out with packing


You do want your pets to get used to having boxes around. Give them extra time to adjust to what is happening around them, as it will be helpful with the process of moving. You can have different boxes lying around, so your pets can explore them and won't be startled when moving day comes.


5. Stick to the usual Routine


One of the most essential parts of moving is keeping it as standard as possible for your pets. Ensure to feed them at the right time and keep them entertained and extra attention. We understand that moving can be pretty hectic but keep it casual and don't make significant changes.


6. Give them their own space


There will be people going in and out of the house; it is better to keep your pets with a pal watch. You can put them in a room to avoid panicking and moving away from items.


7. Don't forget an overnight bag


Don't forget your overnight bag when you move. Also include toys, treats, food, water bowls, and enough litter to last for a few days while you get things going inside the home.


8. Make lots of pit stops


It depends on how long your car ride is but be prepared to make tons of pit stops to allow them to do their business. When stopping, always put them on a leash and get a little exercise.


9. Pet-Proof the New Home


When you and your pet get to your brand-new home, make sure that all the screens and doors are secure, and the backyard fence or gate doesn't have holes. Also, look for any pest control poison to ensure your pet doesn't get into it.


10. Consider getting a storage unit


Whether you are thinking of downsizing, moving, or relocating, self-storage can help you store all your valuables in a safe space. And besides, who doesn't want to proceed with tons of items they won't need currently in their new place?


Moving can be stressful for anyone, and so are your pets. Make sure to take care of them throughout moving into the new place. While you take care of your pets, here at Smithfield Storage we will take care of storing your valuable items until you are ready to use them again!