Self-Storage Cleaning Tips

Published on 4/22/2022

Self-Storage Cleaning Tips

Self-storage is indeed a massive help for decluttering your home or business spaces. It is also much more affordable than renovating.

For most people, a self-storage is a place where they can dump their furniture or things they won't be needing in the meantime. With that, it can be pretty chaotic. 

Having your storage unit clean and organized eliminates the risk of having your items damaged or lost. When you use self-storage to stage your home, move, sell your home, manage through a divorce, or downsize, you usually visit your unit more often and move things in and out as you need them. 

So, if you have a messy storage unit, it can be quite a headache, so we have tips for you on cleaning your self-storage. 

Be organized and Systematic

Investing in the time to get organized when packing your things has a considerable advantage. When packing your storage unit, place items that you would need more often or think you will need soon; this makes for easy grab and go.

And it is ideal for labeling and organizing your boxes and bins so you can find everything quickly when you need to. Make sure to keep a list of what is inside those containers and packages, and make an inventory organized. 

Plastic storage should be your ideal storage box, this way, you'll be able to see what's inside; they are durable when stacked and have tight-fitting lids that keep dust and dirt out of the items.

And after you get all your stuff to their bins, make sure to leave a little room to move around. Make a little pathway in the middle or easy access to items.

Store items off the Ground

It is best if you have pallets and shelves to place your stuff. It allows your items to be safe from damage and mess all over the floor. And, if you have any spill or leak, your property is safe and clean. This also allows your belongings to breathe and improves the air circulation in your self-storage unit.

Take photos 

We know your belongings won't be smiling in the picture, but it is best to know where they are stored or placed. Take photos of the stuff you have so it will be easy to find them when you need them.

Make it a Habit of Decluttering

For the long term, items would be building up, and you'll need to know which ones you should be keeping. Decluttering enables more space for other items in your storage unit.

You can start by sorting out which ones you'll keep, donate, and sell. Once you have sorted out which items go to, you can now store some new things.

Or you can also opt for a bigger storage unit; you can contact us to know which one is perfect for you!

Make sure items are Clean and Dry

All your items must be clean and dry to ensure a pristine and working condition. Ensure to inspect which items are damp, wet, soiled, muddy, and dusty; clean them with a dry towel and grab a soft brush to sweep the dust. 

Store Cleaning Essentials

Always keep a broom, dustpan, a small feather duster, and garbage or recycling bags in your storage unit. They come in handy when visit you visit your storage unit. 

When you inspect your items, you can grab the essentials to prevent potential damage to the items in the storage unit.

Visit your Storage Unit Often

If you are planning to store your items for a long time, it is essential to inspect your storage unit 2-3 times a year. This helps you to maintain a clean and organized unit. You also get to check the storage facility to that you are entrusting your precious belongings.

If you are looking to store your valuables and don't know which size is right for you? Contact us today and let us help you out!