Maximize your Storage Unit's Potential

Published on 8/6/2021

Maximize your Storage Unit's Potential

Having a storage unit is a great way to declutter your home and make more space for the things you use every day. You can store seasonal décor items, seasonal sporting goods, and seasonal clothes. You can also utilize a storage unit for transitional times like moving to help fill any gaps. But before packing your unit, remember to do a few housekeeping items to maximize your unit’s potential. 

1. Consider the space. 

Take stock and make a list of all furniture and larger items that will need to go in the storage unit. Jot down about how many boxes as well to give you a general sense of the overall bulk of what you’re bringing. If you are concerned that it won’t all fit, go through your belongings to get rid of what you can to make it more manageable. 

Also, check to see if your storage unit will be climate-controlled. Based on what you’re storing there, it might be necessary to have a climate-controlled unit. This helps prevent mold, mildew, as well as damage from bugs and other heat and moisture related incidents. 

2. Clean and inspect your storage unit. 

It’s a good idea to do a close inspection of your new storage unit before moving all your belongings in there. Examine the walls and ceiling for any cracks or leaks. Sweep to ensure your space is clean and free of any sharp objects, trash or other clutter. 

3. Thoroughly clean all your belongings.

If you put something into a storage unit dirty, it will only get dirtier as the months go by. Clean and wash clothes to remove all stains. Clean sofas and leather chairs well to prevent stains or odors from seeping in further. Wipe down wooden furniture and clean appliances. 

4. Draw up an inventory of your belongings. 

Create a detailed inventory of everything you’re going to store. Make note of things of value whether appliances, family heirlooms, vintage furniture ect. Make note of the monetary value of the more precious items in case anything is stolen and you need to report it. 

Do the necessary preparation in order to maximize your storage unit’s potential.