Weekends Are Perfect for Home Cleaning

Published on 7/15/2022


The weekend is typically associated with relaxation, spending time with family and friends, preparing meals for the week, movies, date night....and, of course, house cleaning! Let's be honest: cleaning isn't everyone's favorite task of the week, but it's necessary to keep the house rodent and pest free, as well as looking good for unexpected visitors.

Have you ever been cleaning and come across items that you no longer need? How many times have you said to yourself, "I don't want to throw it away, but it's taking up space?" If either of these situations applies to you, it appears that you require a self-storage unit to keep valuables that you do not want to throw away.

What's in the Closet: If you're anything like me, you used your closet to store your partner's junk, man stuff, antiques, and his gazillion boots and shoes. Because this man did not require all of the items in our apartment closet, I informed him that they would have to be stored. Does this describe your situation? Make a list of the items in your partner's man cave or woman's den and prioritize the list of what to keep and what to store.

What's Under the Bed: Did the clutter monster scare you to death? That means it's time to clean out the dust from under the bed, place the lost socks in sock heaven, and set aside the unwanted but valuable items for storage. Isn't it great that you now have home cleaning tips to help with your storage needs? When was the last time you looked under the bed?

What's in the Entertainment Center: You've entered the digital age if you're reading this blog post. Unless it's that most prized vinyl, you don't need Queen's entire musical discography in your entertainment center. Even so, keep the items because you either don't know what else to do with them or you want to show off your musical taste. I'm sure your last visitor came in with an iPod stuck in their head. Keep old CDs, tapes, and albums.


After you've finished your weekend cleaning, bring your boxes down to Smithfield Storage on Monday.