7 Smart storage ideas for small bedrooms that are also decorative

Published on 7/8/2022

7 Smart storage ideas for small bedrooms that are also decorative

You will inevitably amass things unless you periodically hold garage sales. Our thirst for options frequently leads to more than we can handle. Regardless of the cause, storage is a problem that most homeowners can relate to, and those who own or rent small apartments and bedrooms struggle the most to find a space for everything.

Here, you'll find some useful and stylish bedroom storage suggestions.

1. The better, the more shelves.

With shelves, there are no boundaries. Install shelves along closet walls, above beds, beneath windows, on the walls, and over windows to expand your storage capacity for both large and little items. For a creative spin on bookcases that also draws the attention up and away from the floor, mount several shelves on one wall, one over the other. IKEA and Target are two stores where you may buy shelves; my personal favorites are the IKSA cube shelves. These can be put wherever in the space and function as tables as well.

2. Really, put your faith in IKEA.

IKEA offers a variety of furnishings for small rooms in addition to shelving to make residents feel more at home. While closed closets are wonderful, open wardrobes are better. IKEA's Stolmen, Open Wardrobes' movable rods make it easy to store clothing and shoes while creating room for boxes or other larger objects.

3. Hang it if you're unsure!

Wall and door hooks and hangers save space and time. These are excellent locations to store things like keys, coats, towels, shoes, hats, and purses. Don't forget to consider the closet door's back as well!

Mirrors that hang from the ceiling will free up floor space and give the impression that the area is larger. Place mirrors across from windows for an additional effect; this will lighten the room and make it appear larger visually.

4. Utilize the area under the mattress.

Under a bed, drawers and storage baskets can be hidden while yet keeping clutter organized.

5. Clothes should be rolled, not folded.

Have you ever observed how additional shirts are always rolled and placed beneath the folded ones in department stores? The clothing takes up less room when rolled.

6. Create cabinets on the walls.

There are weird corners along the walls of some compact bedrooms that take up valuable real estate. Build storage space inside the walls if money isn't an option and you have the tools to knock down walls. These draws look upscale and tidy in addition to saving space.

7. Call a qualified person.

If you still have possessions you can't part with but have nowhere to store them, contact a storage facility for assistance. For a variety of uses, there are numerous garages and storage areas at Smithfield Storage, which is a terrific place to contact.