Items to Store Away for an Open House

Published on 12/21/2020

Getting ready to move? What an exciting time! The staging process of your home is extremely important in drawing buyers in and ultimately, receiving offers. In order to make sure your home is in tip top shape, make sure to store away these items:

Personal Decorations

All the family photos on the fridge, the gallery wall, and personal knick-knacks need to be set aside for open houses and listing photos. This is so that buyers can envision their own family creating memories inside the home, which is much harder to do when they’re seeing another family in each room. 


Bookcases, pantry, bathroom storage, everything needs a good combing through. Built-in shelving units should not be filled entirely as it makes the space seem smaller and cramped. Linen closets need to not have towels busting at the seams when the door is opened. Have friends or family members (who don’t live in the home) do a walk through. It’s always nice to have fresh eyes on your space! When in doubt, organize your spaces and eliminate clutter by 25-50% in order to make a significant difference.

Excess Clothes

Closets, while a great place to store things for a quick pick up, are NOT the place to clutter during open house season. Buyers will be opening closets to see how much space is available and whether or not it will be able to fit more than just clothing. For open houses, keep a few outfits hanging in your closet space and box the rest up. The emptier it is, the larger it will appear to buyers.

Clear the Garage

Much like closets, potential new homeowners want to know the garage can fit items for storage. Whether it’s completely cleared out or just clear enough to fit a vehicle and a few boxes, make sure to showcase how much open space your garage holds. If you have extra storage bins piled up, consider moving these to a storage unit. 

It’s possible you’ll have quite a bit of personal items to move into storage during home selling. Come store your belongings at Smithfield Storage! Contact us today for more details.