What Can I Store In My Unit?

Published on 7/20/2020

Storage units are great space savers for your home. No longer will you have to worry about overcrowded closets or where to put all your seasonal decorations. Wondering what else you can keep in there? Here’s a list!


If you’ve been keeping furniture in your basement or spare bedroom, it’s time to move it to your storage unit. This frees up space in your house and gives you time to figure out what you want to do with the extra pieces of furniture you have. Some examples of furniture you can store include bed frames, mattresses, dining tables, sofas, buffet cabinets, patio furniture, etc. 

Seasonal Decorations

It’s fun to be festive! It’s less fun to have your winter decor up year round due to a lack of storage. Invest in some storage containers and put your seasonal decorations in your unit when you’re not using them. This will save you so much space inside your home.

Seasonal Items

Along with seasonal decorations, it isn’t necessary to have your cold weather gear taking up space inside your closet during those hot summer months. Ski gear, winter clothes, kayaks, paddle boards, and other seasonal items are great options to keep inside your storage unit. 

Household Appliances

Washer/dryers, lamps, refrigerators, you name it. Larger household appliances are better kept in storage units because of the space they consume within your home. It’s possible you won’t need these items right now, but if you’re planning on moving in the future it’s not a bad idea to keep them. Better than selling and having to buy more appliances later on!


It’s also a good idea to store family heirlooms, artwork, and other items you’ve inherited over the years. This gives you a way to store sentimental items without cluttering your current space. Examples of collections include family furniture, paintings, sculptures, and other knick-knacks. 

Storage units are used for more than just your average move from point A to point B. They can be a long term investment to give your family more space within your home. What do you plan on putting in your storage unit?