Top Reasons to Buy or Sell this Winter Season in North Carolina

Published on 12/3/2021

Top Reasons to Buy or Sell this Winter Season in North Carolina

We are in full holiday mode this month. There are so many festive events to attend, so many presents to buy, and so much cheer to spread. We are fully immersed in the holidays and the winter season has begun. But this season can also be a really great time to buy or sell. Here are some top reasons why you should go for it this winter!

Reasons to Sell:

1. Buyers may be more serious

Because real estate slows a bit overall during the colder months, chances are you’re going to see more committed buyers. Buyers are more likely to be serious about purchasing a home and less just out window-shopping. They might have a lease ending or be starting a new career and needing to relocate. Whatever the reason, buyers mean business in the winter and you’re likely to get some good offers. 

2. Things might move quicker

There are less overall homes on the market and the market has cooled a bit since summer. This means the other aspects of home buying such as inspections or appraisals will have cooled a bit too. Because the market is less hectic, contractors, lenders and inspectors will have more free time. This could speed up the closing process significantly, leading to a faster sale and quicker move for you when selling.

Reasons to Buy:

1. Prices may drop a bit

Typically, when the temperature drops, so do home prices. This could be partly because there’s less demand. It could also be if houses sat on the market during the summer and into fall, chances are those sellers have since dropped their asking price. You could end up getting a great deal when buying this winter season. 

2. There will be less competition

A lot of families purchase a home in the summer so they can settle in before the school year begins. This is good news for you if you are looking to buy now. There will be far less competition. This means less chance of bidding wars developing. And bidding wars tend to drive house prices up. But in the winter, you will most likely get a fairer price, and there will be fewer buyers fighting for the same home as you. Less competition means a better deal overall. 

Don’t wait! If you’re considering buying or selling a home this winter, go for it! And contact us for all your transitional or long term storage needs.