Spring Cleaning Guide

Published on 3/6/2022

Spring Cleaning Guide

Do you find yourself wanting to spruce and clean and tidy as the weather is warming again? You’re not alone. It’s called “spring fever” for a reason. The warming season often energizes us, and we start wanting to purge the winter and its dusty hibernation mode out of our homes. Cleaning and freshening does just that! Here is your complete spring-cleaning guide! 

1. Prep your supplies

Run to the store if needed to purchase any supplies you’re running low on. Make sure you have wood floor cleaner if you have wood flooring and plenty of dusting spray or a feather duster to get in all the nooks and crannies. 

2. Make a plan

Next, make a game plan for yourself and others in your household. What areas are priority to tackle first? Do you have a whole day or weekend to devote to a deep clean and sorting day? If not, how much time do you have coming up to allot to cleaning projects? Divvy up the chores and tasks to each member of your household. Think strategically about what order to tackle the tasks. For example, if you’re going to deep clean the floors, consider washing the rugs or taking them out to shake and freshen at the same time so you’re not putting down dirty rugs on a clean floor. Vacuum and lint roll furniture before sweeping and mopping as dust will surely fall onto the floor from the furniture. It could make sense to go room by room. This way you if you run out of steam after 2 rooms, you can call it quits for the day and not leave a million small unfinished projects around the house.

2. Be thorough

Part of thinking strategically also involves moving furniture to get behind and under everything to snag all those elusive dust bunnies. Move furniture and even the fridge and stove to get behind there where dust has really built up. This is also a great way to make sure the vents are all working properly as well. 

Think about the other hard to reach places in your home that might need a cleaning. How’s the microwave looking? What about the range hood? Is there a lovely layer of grease buildup there?

Dust all surfaces to be thorough as well. This is a great last step as it can make everything shine and feel refreshed and new. Clean mirrors during this step, polish silver candlesticks and clean the fine china in the cabinet. And don’t forget the ceiling fans, light fixtures, and baseboards. These often have dust buildup and are often overlooked. 

Follow these steps to stay organized during a spring cleaning spree!