Organize Your Storage Unit Like a Pro

Published on 5/27/2021

We at Smithfield Storage are here to offer solutions to all your storage needs. Having a storage unit is a great way to store belongings during a move or to store seasonal items out of the house or garage.

When organizing your storage unit, here are a few tips to help you store like a pro. 

1. Keep an inventory

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to recall all the items you have in storage, especially after months or longer. Keep a detailed spreadsheet of all your belongings as you pack up the storage unit. You can also take pictures as a way of doing inventory. While you may easily remember the furniture, smaller items such as heirlooms, artwork or clothing may slip your mind. 

2. Create a map of the unit

Even if this is just a rough sketch, it will be helpful if you need to go in and find something in particular. Label where things are in general. For example, clothes in the back, right corner, mementos towards the front, kids toys in the middle. 

3. Store in clear bins

While cardboard is completely fine in a storage unit, and is the cheaper option too, clear bins will make it easier to keep track of your belongings. You’ll be able to tell what’s in each bin if you forget or can’t see the label. It will prevent you needing to dig through all the cardboard boxes. 

4. Label

This step is so important. Label every single box or bin (and on several sides in case they get turned around). Label with as much detail as possible. For example, instead of writing “kitchen” on a box, perhaps it could be “kitchen flatware” or “kitchen pots and pans,” just to keep it more organized and easier to find. 

5. Think systematically

You’ll want to consider what you will need out more often and keep those items toward the front. It’s also good practice to store vertically. You’ll get a lot more packed in the unit! But remember to keep heavier, less-used bins on the bottom and in the back. Store furniture vertically as well, to prevent damage. 

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