Hot Summer Design Trends for Your North Carolina Home

Published on 6/11/2021

The weather is getting warm, fast! And I’m sure a lot of us are itching to start socializing more again after this year of being more cautious. What better way to entertain in these warm months than outdoors? And if you’re looking for design inspiration for your patio, deck, or lawn in North Carolina, we’ve got you covered. Check out a couple of this summer’s hot design trends.

Opt for “Grandmillennial” style 

This new buzzword that’s started circulating refers to millennials who are going wild for old-fashioned, vintage looks. These looks could be strait out of grandma’s house. And this style is great on a budget as you can find pieces at estate sales or at used furniture stores for a fraction of the cost of buying all new. 

For this style, think wicker and rattan chairs. These materials also give a natural, sustainable feel that is popular in many styles and works especially well when outdoors. Throw a floral tablecloth or outdoor rug down and you’re on your way to true grandmillennial style. Oh and don’t forget the trimmings. Fringe on an umbrella would be a good start. Or get some vintage-green wine glasses or tumblers to serve your summer sangria. 

Bring the living room outdoors

Some people will opt for more lavish outdoor entertaining spaces now after a hard year spent mostly indoors. For this trend, the focus is bringing the comfort of the living area outside. Durable but cozy couches and furniture will make guests feel comfortable and like they can settle in and stay awhile. For this aesthetic think about adding in area rugs, pillows, blankets, ambient lighting and plenty of trays or side tables to place food and beverages. You want the ultimate lounge feel for your guests. 

Incorporate an outdoor kitchen

Another aspect of bringing the living space outdoors is the kitchen. If you have the time and funds, creating an outdoor kitchen area is a great summer project. This way you can be out there with your company while you finish up a meal, grill or mix drinks. 

Consider how you can make your outdoor entertaining space more inviting and more you this summer in North Carolina