Design ideas to get ready for this summer!

Published on 4/1/2022


The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to mix up your style and the feel of your home. The summer design trends of 2022 will help make your place feel warm, fun, and refreshing. Bring in the spirit of summer indoors!


With the pandemic, most countries are not allowed to go outside, so the design ideas will help you bring paradise inside and make it feel inviting, like excellent ice cream or watermelon on a hot summer's day.


1. Invite the outdoors inside


Nothing screams summer than lush greenery and flowers. To bring summer vibes to your home, try adding tall-standing house plants, like a monstera or a snake plant. You can get realistic-looking fake plants if you don't have a green thumb. This will make the room's ambiance 100 times better and feel like a jungle before the beach scenario.


Since it's summer and if you have a great window that invites sunlight, it is best to start a herb garden. Nothing says ideal summer decor than functional and stylish herb plants. It will be a great addition to the space and your lunch.


2. Get artsy


Any season is the time to paint yourself an accent wall. But when the dreary winter comes, you might not want to be stuck with a white-walled living room. So, get your painting gears and clothes ready and paint away. Be creative and express yourself while doing so. Using colors like red, yellow, and royal blue will bring you that pop of color that you need, and it will look super chic and vogue.


But if you are not ready for that large-scale project, you can find a great art piece that you can hang on your wall. If you are on a budget, you can check out the craft stores for frames and art prints you can use.


3. Shiny Metallics


Who doesn't love shiny and glam things? Embrace the warm metallics this summer season, like bronze, copper, brass, gold, and rose gold. You can get candle holders, lampshades, decorative bowls, or plant pots. Feel free to mix up different tones for different parts of the home. Try matching cool-tones silver with warmer bronze color for your silverware, wine rack, or maybe the cabinet door handle.



4. Nothing beats classic blue


The 2022 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue. This cool color should be on everyone's radar. Colors like blue, navy and royal blue are gaining popularity, and we can say that it is no surprise. Blue accent walls partnered with a piece of all-white furniture with hints of metallic accents are spot on this design trend and are predicted to stay. Incorporating the color blue will make the space feel relaxed and new. Natural wooden furniture ties it all together.


5. Shabby, Yet Classy


Though vintage is a style in the past, the well-worn look never gets old. The cozy, worn-in styles of shabby chic interiors are making a comeback in the summer interior design trends for 2022. The motif for your new furniture should look like they are antiques. Whether you buy it or make it yourself, it doesn't matter as long as you can make it feel rustic and comfortable.


To complement the shabby chic style with house plants and earth-toned couch cushions and rugs. Mix it with metallic accents and get yourself a chic and in-style home for the summer.


These design trends are an excellent way for you to spice things up in your home and try on a different feel once in a while. This year consider bold colors and patterns for the interior. Small changes in your home like plant throw, pillow covers, or photo frames make a huge difference. Get your summer vibes charged up and gear up this summer with these ideas.

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