Storing Items During Winter: Dos and Don'ts

Published on 12/31/2020

While Smithfield may not receive inches of snow, we can get down to some bitter cold temps now and then! Read on to learn how to best store your items during these winter months.

Wood Pallets

As the weather gets colder, the ground does not retain heat. The best thing you can do for your items in a non climate controlled environment is to get them off the ground. Use wood pallets to prop furniture and boxes up. 

Furniture Pads

Place furniture pads over furniture and any metal pieces you may have. These will act as a great insulator to keep the cold out. Steer clear of plastic coverings as it won’t insulate the items and it could trap moisture, leaving your belongings with potential mold or mildew damage. Packing tape works like a charm to keep furniture pads in place (just make sure the tape isn’t sticking to your items).

Check Electronics and Motorized Equipment

When liquids freeze, they expand. This can be detrimental to your electronics or any motorized equipment you may be keeping in your storage unit. Some batteries have liquid inside them which is susceptible to irreversible damage when frozen. Make sure to keep your batteries and electronics insulated well. For motorized equipment, it’s important to drain the fuel, but keep the oil. Fuel will breakdown over time and could damage the equipment. Change the oil prior to storing for winter because dirty oil can corrode engines; however, clean oil will help protect the engine by keeping dirt out.

Bicycle Storage

To keep your bicycle in good condition, make sure to do three things prior to leaving it locked up all winter. First, make sure the tires are inflated. Then oil the chain with new oil to prevent it from corroding in the cold weather. Lastly, store the bike upside down. Resting the bike on the seat and handlebars takes the pressure off of the rims and prevents damage. 

Do you have questions about storing your belongings during the winter months? Give us a call today at 919-934-7446.