Storage talk

Published on 8/26/2022

One of the major things we focus on when moving is packing and storage. What is our plan once everything is packed up? Do we storage it or take it with us where we are going. The Easy answer is YOU STORE IT!

Let’s start with packing and what we need to get rid of. Less is more when it comes to moving and throwing away is OKAY! Start with your closets and storage areas like garage when decluttering. Ask yourself if you cannot live without the item and if the answer is YES, THROW IT AWAY. Studies show throwing away items you do not need reduces stress, and we will need a stress reducer occasionally. If you do not take it with you to the unit then you probably did not need it to start with.

The next step is to decide on a storage unit. When picking a storage unit there are a few things that are important. First a safe location is Important, look at the reviews online and make sure it is the right place for you. Second making sure they have security, so you know for sure your stuff is safe. Security cameras, lock pads, secured doors, and guards are even a plus side to renting from a certain company.

Once you have decided on a unit make sure to take EVERYTHING you planned to take to the unit. Make sure over the next few months when using the unit, you keep everything clean and organized. That way when it is time to find something you have full accessibility to your items. Using shelves will help reduce clutter and make your items easier to see. Totes are the BEST organizer to keep moisture and bugs out when packing up your items. Putting important documents in a fireproof safe is recommended and can your items. Boxes tend to not hold up as long, absorb moisture, and let bugs in so you cannot go wrong with totes.

When reserving a unit, it is normally a month-to-month contract and can end at any time. Make sure you keep your stuff organized and ready for the next adventure. In the long run it is the best scenario and will make your life less stressful. The reason people pick storage units is because they are convenient and easily accessible to the person. Picking a storage unit is a win situation for everyone.