Mattress storage tips to prolong useful life.

Published on 6/24/2022

Mattress storage tips to prolong useful life.

Your spinal health and quality of sleep are both impacted by a proper mattress. A high-quality mattress can be expensive, but it can last you for many years. 

Important items must be appropriately packaged to stay in top condition when we need to store them during a relocation or until we have space for them. Read these advice on how to properly keep a mattress so you can use it again after it's out of storage:


Your mattress must be appropriately transported from your home to the storage unit or it risked getting damaged long before it arrived. Keep your mattress from being tied to a car's roof. Its shape will probably be warped and it might get hurt. The most convenient way to move a mattress is inside a truck or van, where it may rest completely flat. 

Before placing it on the car floor, wrap your mattress in a cover for protection. Your mattress will remain clean and the fabric will be guarded from rips and tears with a sheet or plastic wrap (used for moving furniture).


A mattress is constructed from several coils, springs, and padding. These parts will move and alter the mattress if it is stored on its side (particularly for an extended period of time). When you store it on its side, the spring may also come loose, which may be dangerous if someone were to fall on top of it.


Other objects stacked on top of the mattress will likely push down its internal components, creating an uneven surface. It's also not a good idea to place your mattress on other lumpy items because they will cause the mattress to lose its shape from the bottom up.


Your mattress should be kept spotless while in storage, so you may shield it from dirt and stains by wrapping it in a breathable mattress cover and setting it on a crate or pallet.

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