Handling with care: Ways to store your Fragile Items

Published on 11/11/2022
Fragile items are the worst nightmare of movers. When preparing to move or store away your delicate items like antiques, vases, documents, or anything made of glass or porcelain, you want to ensure that they are safe and sound in transport.

To prevent it from being damaged and stolen, here are some hacks for you to save your precious belongings.

1.Get sturdy boxes and packing materials

When it comes to fragile packaging items, please stay away from lightboxes that you would get from the supermarket as it can risk the items being dropped or bumped. Get those study boxes and secure the items with packing materials like bubble wrap and cloth bags.

Each fragile item like electronics has specific or excellent packaging materials such as cloths to prevent moisture build-up, and it can breathe. Keep in mind what packaging materials got to what fragile item.

2.Have the right tools and equipment

Once you are all packed up, you want to make sure it safely gets to the storage unit. It is better to get movers and drivers with the appropriate tools such as ramps and dollies. For heavier materials, get facilities that offer loading docks and forklifts with accredited drivers with pallet and pallet jacks.

3.Get climate-controlled storage units

When storing fragile items like antiques, they require a specific temperature to keep their top condition. Always consider this to prevent developing moisture, mold, and rust over the items.

4.Don't stack up on Fragile Items

Avoid stacking heavy, fragile items as they may get trampled when stacking or breaking the contents inside the boxes. Keep in mind some of the things that are extremely expensive and delicate.

5.Make sure the facility is secure

When storing such valuable items and ensuring that you can still get the items in top condition requires a great storage unit it can house on. Make sure to get one that has 24-hour surveillance, controlled access, has lighting and heat detectors.

Storing precious items somewhere you can access them later is a huge task. Follow these tips to help you when you are packing fragile items. Check out our units to help you with your precious belongings.