Essential Supplies For Moving

Published on 8/5/2022

Essential Supplies For Moving

We all know moving can be stressful. From making sure your move is completed on time, to avoiding damaging your precious belongings, there are many moving parts you need to keep tabs on. To help remove some of the burden, here are some of the items we recommend you have available for packing before your move.

Packing Paper

Whether it’s old newspaper, plain brown paper, or tissue, you’ll need to have some sort of paper product on hand. You’ll need this for wrapping your dishes, cups, and other breakable items.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is perfect for keeping items together that you don’t want separated. It’s also great for drawers you may not need to unpack! Just wrap your dresser, jewelry boxes, and anything else with doors or cabinets to protect the piece of furniture and the items inside.

Bubble Wrap

As an alternative to wrapping items in paper, consider wrapping breakable pieces in bubble wrap. If anything wrapped happens to take a tumble, it is much more likely to survive if wrapped in bubble wrap.

Small Boxes

While you may think it makes more sense to have fewer large boxes when moving, we actually recommend using more smaller boxes instead. Smaller boxes are easier to move because they will be less heavy.

Packing Tape

When it comes to tape, we recommend splurging. Expensive tape will provide a better hold and you will avoid your boxes breaking open and your items falling out.

Furniture Covers

Utilize furniture covers for your couch and mattress. When your move is complete, you will want to either hop into bed or relax on the couch. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is cleaning your mattress, so avoid the trouble and keep your furniture covered.