Creative Ways to Increase Storage in Your Home

Published on 4/24/2021

Being in the storage business, we understand what it means to feel like you just don’t have quite enough room. Try out these creative hacks to increase your storage using the space you already have.


Replace your towel rack with a mini linen closet! Don’t worry, you won’t completely lose your towel rack altogether, we just suggest moving it to the back of the door. For your linen closet, put up some open shelves or attach a few drawers to the wall–it’s your chance to be as creative as you want. Having your bathroom towels in your bathroom makes so much sense and helps when you have guests staying with you. 


For children’s rooms, buy furniture that includes built in storage. This includes bed frames with drawers underneath or even lofted beds with desk space underneath. Lofted beds eliminate the need for both large furniture items.

For master bedrooms, utilize your wall space and every inch of your closet. Shelving units are a game changer! Not only will these add decor to your wall space, but it is a practical solution for those books and other trinkets that end up on your night stand. In your closet, analyze whether the layout is truly working for you. Maybe you need to gut the whole thing and create your own system. Consider adding more shelves, more hooks, and even built in shoe racks.


Move your pots and pans to a rack. Hanging these items not only creates a stylish look but it will also free up your cabinets. Increase your pantry space by putting shelves on the door. This is a great place to put your spices or other staple items (sugar, flower, cereals, etc.) . For your kitchen table, eliminate a few chairs and add in some bench seating! It’s a great spot to store those larger kitchen items you use only a few times a year.

Living Room

Transform your bay window into a window bench with room to store items inside. It’s the perfect spot for winter clothing (hats and scarves) or all your family board games. Coffee tables with a shelf underneath are a great spot to store blankets or invest in a storage ottoman. 

If you’ve found you still have too much stuff to fit in your home, we can help! Rent one of our units today.