6 Tips for Moving as a Renter

Published on 10/8/2021

6 Tips for Moving as a Renter 

We all move quite a few times over the course of our lives. Moving doesn’t always get easier but with the right organization and preparation, it can go smoother at least. For tips to make a move as a renter less stressful, keep reading. 

1. Give proper notice.

Don’t get stuck paying rent on two places. Give enough notice to your current landlord that you’re moving. Check your lease if you’re unsure how much notice is required. Some places it’s the more standard 30 days, but for others it can be up to 90 days. Best to check in and be safe.

2. Coordinate move in/out dates. 

Next you’ll want to talk to both your current and future landlord to ensure as seamless a move as possible. Some times of year are far busier than others for moves. But talking to both landlords to coordinate when you can get keys and start moving your belongings over will help you plan ahead. And this will let you know when to schedule a truck rental, or coordinate with your moving company.

3. Consider the floor plan.

It’s not a bad idea to ask your new landlord for the measurements in your new apartment. This includes doorways in and out and the measurements of either the stairwell or the elevator. You don’t want to end up with a couch that won’t fit up the stairs on move-in day. Draw up a tentative plan for your furniture in the new place based on the actual square footage and measurements. You’ll have much more success fitting things in!

4. Declutter beforehand. 

Before you move, declutter as much as possible. Prune down your belongings in order to make the move easier. Things tend to pile up over time as we live in a house. And going through to get rid of those items we no longer use frees up valuable space in our next apartment or home. 

5. Do a walk through of the new place.

You’ll want to go before move-in day to do a walk through of the new place. This is when you’ll note any discrepancies or flaws in the space that were already there so a landlord can’t deduct those repairs from your security deposit down the line. But also this is when you can address glaring problems you’d like fixed before you move in.  

6. Set up insurance and utilities. 

The last tip before actually getting ready to move is to go ahead and set up renters insurance for your new place as well as call utility companies. Be aware that some utility companies might not be open or be able to send someone over to set up internet on certain days. But call ahead to verify they can do the install on move-in day. This way you’ll get your power and internet turned on the day you move in.

Keep these tips in mind as a renter as you prepare to move this fall. And let us know if you have any storage needs while in the moving process.